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Sunday, November 09, 2008
World Music Awards - Nancy Ajram
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Nancy Ajram At The 2008 World Music Awards Pre-Party

Nancy Ajram, the famous singing star from Lebanon, was at the 2008 World Music Awards Pre-Party held in Monte-Carlo, Monaco yesterday evening. She arrived in a graceful style and was full of beauty as she hit the red carpet. The World Music Awards will be held tonight (November 9, 2008) in Monte-Carlo Monaco. This is the 20th running of the Awards, which promotes the international appeal of music and musical artists, and is produced for a global audience with an appeal to all musical interests.

Nancy Ajram was born in 1983, and she has been singing since she was eight years old. She released her first album titled Mihtagalak or "I Need You" in 1998, sung in a Tarab style, and she then went on to release her second album titled Sheel Oyoonak Anni or "Take Your Eyes Off Me" in 2000. It wasn't, however, until her third album, title Ya Salam, or "How Fantastic", released in 2003, that she became a huge star within the Middle East. The huge hit off this album was called Akhasmak Ah, or "I'll Taunt You" and from that point she never looked back. Her new album, Betfakhar Fe Eih, was released in 2008 and she also appears in many music videos that support her title tracks.

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