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Wednesday, March 18, 2009
VW Polo BlueMotion 2010
Image: © 2009

VW's New 2010 Release Polo BlueMotion - 3.3 L/100 km

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - Volkswagen AG brought its revolutionary new VW Polo BlueMotion to the 2009 Geneva Motor Show earlier this month to showcase its revolutionary technology. The new 1.2 Litre VW Polo BlueMotion TDI diesel will probably have a release date into European showrooms by release date February 2010, and may even end up being called a 2011 model. It also promises to be one of the most fuel efficient 5-seater cars on the Planet. The Polo BlueMotion has a combined fuel consumption of 3.3 L/100 km (71.3 U.S. MPG / 85.6 Imp MPG) and the CO2 output is just 87g/km. The new Polo BlueMotion will be in the company of the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic diesel and the smart fortwo CDI diesel when it arrives and be amongst the most efficient cars to rule the highway.

Technically the new Polo BlueMotion is a 1.2 litre 55kW/75 hp three-cylinder diesel with a common direct rail injection system. VW's Development Chief, Ulrich Hackenberg, says that the new BlueMotion Polo incorporates a VW automatic start-stop system that shuts the engine down at idle, and an alternator based regenerative braking system that charges the large multi-purpose battery during deceleration. Hackenberg says that the two new BlueMotion incorporated technologies gives the 1.2 litre engine an efficiecy improvement of an incredible 0.8 L/100 km and a lowered CO2 emissions of 20 percent.

Volkswagen has put considerable attention on weight management for the new BlueMotion Polo, with it weighing just 1080 Kg (2376 lbs). The Polo's regenerative braking works by raising the charging voltage during braking to convert the cars kinetic energy into charging current for the battery. Using a new digital engine management system, VW says that by using a digital battery management system, the alternator's voltage polarity can be reduced to zero (alternator off) or lowered during acceleration, which reduces the overall loading the alternator has on the engine and gives additional fuel savings.

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