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Wednesday, March 05, 2008
Volkswagen 1 Litre Car (Blue Motion)
Image: courtesy of Volkswagen (

Volkswagen's 1 Litre Car - BlueMotion

Volkswagen has come up with the perfect platform for the car of the future. The Volkswagen 1 Litre Car takes VW's Blue Motion (BlueMotion) eco brand to the highest levels and achieves 285 mpg (237.3 mpg US gallon) or 0.99 litres of fuel consumed per 100 km. The 1 Litre Car is a fully functioning Volkswagen development vehicle. VW has the perfect platform to combine the car's body engineering with hybrid electric or fuel cell technology and achieve as much as 400 to 700 mpg in future development. The highest fuel economy numbers would be achieved on short commutes by adding hybrid battery/plug-in capability along with regenerative braking to the car's design.

The 1 Litre Car is a two seater with a canopy cover/door that lifts open from the side. The car weighs just 640 lb (290 kg) and the body outer shell is made entirely of carbon fibre composites like in a formula 1 car, and without any paint. The body spaceframe is made of magnesium, providing the overall rigidity structure, and the aerodynamics are exceptional with a drag coefficient of 0.159 versus 0.30 found in a typical passenger car.

The engine in VW's 1 Litre Car is a 1 cylinder SDI diesel engine that generates 8.5 hp at 4,000 rpm, and the engine block and cylinder head housings are made of aluminium. The engines sits just in front of the rear axle. The 1 Litre Car has four wheel disc ABS brakes, an ESP (electronic stability program), and a six speed transmission. The engine shuts off at idle or when the driver takes their foot off the acelerator pedel and re-starts when the accelerator is applied, saving more fuel in the process.

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