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Monday, April 14, 2008
UNEP Billion Tree Campaign
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"Plant For The Planet" - United Nations

The Billion Tree Campaign is a significant undertaking by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to initiate a worldwide response to the loss of trees using the slogan "Plant For The Planet". The goal is to plant 1 billion trees per year throughout the world. The photo is of a recent UNEP tree planting event that took place in the hills above Monaco between Cap d'Ail and La Turbie in France. What makes the Billion Tree Campaign significant is that it is a worldwide response to the restoration of trees on the planet using the collective energy of all people from all countries.

Under the leadership of Achim Steiner, UNEP Executive Director, the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign has established a means for individuals, groups and companies to pledge to plant trees by using the UNEP web site ( and completing the on-line provided pledge form. "Plant For The Planet" is a worldwide event and it is happening in almost every country with planting statistics being monitored by the UNEP. There are approximately one third less trees on Earth as there were 150 years ago and the UNEP says that there is an urgent need to plant as many trees as possible to help in the reduction of CO2 build up through a tree's natural ability to convert CO2 into oxygen and carbon.

Former Vice-President Al Gore and HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco have been significant supporters of the Billion Tree Campaign. HSH Prince Albert has himself taken part in tree planting events and has helped establish the model for corporate sponsorship of the Billion Tree Campaign through its first corporate partner Toyota Monaco. This process creates funding through corporate sponsorship of tree planting by pledging to plant a quantity of trees per sales unit or other customer loyalty factor. In the case of Toyota Monaco, their pledge is to plant 21 trees for every hybrid vehicle sold. More corporate sponsors are required and many other companies can replicate the process that Toyota has started promoting tree planting throughout the world by joining the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign.
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UNEP Billion Tree Campaign
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