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Friday, July 04, 2008
UNEP and Daimler - Zero Emissions Future
Image: courtesy of Daimler AG

UNEP and Daimler Promote Future Battery and Hydrogen Infrastructures

At the fifth Magdeburg Environmental Forum, the UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) and Daimler AG, the maker of both Mercedes-Benz and Smart cars, jointly called for a concerted effort to promote the achievement of global zero emissions transportation for the future. Implementing the global battery and hydrogen infrastructures were seen as the key challenges to travelling a post 2012 sustainability 'road map'. The need to deliver zero emissions motoring also opened the door to the future integration of solar energy in transportation as well.

Seen in an earlier 2007 photo standing beside Daimler's highly successful Smart fortwo car, Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, said at the Magdeburg Forum "A concerted effort of all parties will make the transition to the age of sustainable mobility as smooth and efficient as possible". Zetsche also went on to say "we have developed the technologies, and are now in a position to introduce them on the market".

One of the remarkable things about the Daimler-UNEP joint announcement was that it demonstrated the huge growth potential for the future of zero emissions technology in the transportation industry with Daimler fully supporting this concept. New sustainability initiatives will create huge profit and investment opportunities for many large companies for the development of battery, hydrogen, and solar infrastructures. It will also create a huge growth potential for small start-up's that offer a new sustainability technology that society needs.

Significant progress was also made with Daimler's industry leading approach to transition themselves towards the creation of sustainable transportation products by controlling the environmental impact a vehicle creates during its parts manufacture, assembly, consumer use and end of use recycling. This may seem like a radical move to some, but sustainability will become the world standard for international trading, and Daimler's new zero emissions technology will align with price competitiveness, corporate growth and having the products society needs.

Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary General and Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), said "Climate Change, Congestion and the rising cost of fossil fuels demand transformative solutions to national and global mobility challenges. Car makers who seize the opportunities to harness cutting edge technologies and forge partnerships with innovative fuel makers up to city planners can make the transitions society so urgently need - those who do not, may go the way of the steam engine and the pack horse."

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