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Wednesday, December 19, 2007
The ZENN â?? 100% Electric Vehicle
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Zenn Motor Company (The ZENN)

Zenn Motor Company, of Toronto, Canada is the designer and manufacturer of the ZENN, which is a lightweight in-city electric car designed for the driver who commutes short distances on a daily basis to and from work, or for daily trips around the town shopping or dropping the children off at school. The ZENN is classified under government FMVSS 500 regulations, which limits the top speed it can go to 25 mph (40 kph).

For many, the ZENN could be an ideal second car as it has very low operating costs once it has been purchased. It’s a front-wheel drive 3-door hatchback built on a fully enclosed aluminium alloy space frame and is 100% electric powered. The vehicle is available in North America and can be plugged into a 110/120V household plug-in connection with a full charge achieved overnight in eight hours, or an 80% capacity charge in four hours. It’s a light vehicle, weighing 1200 lbs (546 Kg) and has a driving range of 35 miles (56 km) before it requires charging. The ZENN is powered by six 12-volt heavy duty sealed lead-acid batteries and has 4-wheel disc brakes with regenerative braking (providing battery charging through braking), similar to the technology installed on hybrid cars.

The ZENN is available in the colours silver, sage green, or prairie-sky blue. The list price is $12, 750 US for the base model and 14,700 for the LX model. The Zenn Motor Company trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada (Symbol TSE: ZNN).

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