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Thursday, November 20, 2008
The Script - Ireland's Home Grown
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'The Script' Is Moving Up The Charts Internationally

The rock band 'The Script' were in Monte-Carlo this month for the 2008 20th World Music Awards, and they won the WMA award for Best Selling Artists From Around The World - Ireland. Their recent success is set to be magnified ten-fold as their recently released album "The Script", which includes the hit song "The Man Who Can't Be Moved", becomes an international success story, taking the band along for the journey.

The album "The Script" is not just a one hit wonder, but instead includes well written and meaningful songs with lyrics that create a solid first impression. The lead singer is Danny O'Donaghue, who is 25 years old (on the left of the photo), and he has a singing ability that is quite remarkable. While others were out on the football pitch, he says he spent his childhood developing his singing and this has culminated as a driving force behind the band.

Danny O'Donaghue explained at the World Music Awards when the Script received their award, that they have come a long way from their humble beginnings, and done so very quickly, which is a little overwhelming. From the outside it is great to see that the three band members have kept their roots, and yet still know where they are going. Mark Sheehan (27, in the middle of the photo), is the Script's lead guitarist, and also backs up the vocals of O'Donaghue. He says "I'm not trying to romanticise it, but where we grew up was ...(expletive = not very nice)... , it was stealing cars, all the usual bollocks, but music gave me a sense that I could break away."

The drummer for The Script is Glen Power (28, and on the right in the photo). He says, "My mother always said to find one thing in life that you're good at and the day I picked up the sticks I found it." Together, the three band members have much further to go with other songs on their new album, like the track "BreakEven", which will also probably be a hit for them, and the single "We Cry" is also doing well on the charts.

At the core of the Script's rising success is their sound, which is the Celtic musical influence from Ireland, and the mix of melody and drums that is pure. Although we covered them earlier with two articles on this site, we felt there was more to say about The Script, and for them the journey has just begun.

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