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Tuesday, September 25, 2007
The New Technology Already Exists

Clean Automotive Technology

If someone told you that you could almost go down to your local Honda or BMW Dealer and purchase a vehicle whose exhaust was water vapour, not harmful CO2, SO2 and Nitrous Oxides would you not jump at the chance to be the first to have the car in your driveway. But this must be just a dream? No, its reality, because Honda Motor Company of Japan has taken the fuel cell vehicle to a level that it is almost ready for mass production with quality control built in.

The vehicle is called the FCX and it has been tested since 2002. The FCX is designed to start in -20C weather conditions, and they have also developed the FCX Concept which takes the design to a similar style as what we are used to in gasoline powered vehicles. Honda has even developed a home energy station powered by solar energy that makes enough hydrogen fuel to run a family's hydrogen car for everyday use.

Fuel cell vehicles are powered by hydrogen, stored in onboard tanks, that is then delivered to a fuel cell stack and through a electro-chemical reaction when mixed with oxygen creates electrical energy that drives the car's electric motors for propulsion. The exhaust product is simply water or water vapour - no pollutants whatsoever.

BMW is currently testing 745 hydrogen sedans that run on either hydrogen or gasoline and these are under trial in California as part of California's Hydrogen Highway initiative.

Honda appears to be significantly ahead in Fuel Cell Vehicles and they are advancing the technology in all areas. They obviously want to be first to market with this solid technology.

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