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Friday, October 05, 2007
The New Economy and Introduction to

Smart Choices

A new economy is quickly approaching and the current Investment Banks should have a second look at the opportunities that exist. The prize will be the whole set of industries that spring out of the new environmental technologies and the integrated marketplaces. Because current investment trends are short term, including options and futures strategies, the investment world has left the scientists on their own to create without any solid backing to date. Look at Honda Motor Company to see the degree to which they have taken fuel cell vehicles whose only exhaust product is water or water vapour. This is the future and at least the Japanese see it well.

Future articles in will focus on the key companies to invest in in order to be part of the new economy. These articles and investment tips will appear in the Finance category.

It was very good to see that former President Clinton came out in favour of the need to adopt quick progress in developing environmental technology. He said the US needs to "unleash the greatest concentration of economic embracing new energy technology and regulatory incentives to tackle global warming" when he spoke to the Financial Times. We must also look at the strength of our railway systems in each nation, as this is an efficient form of transport and can be powered by fuel cell very soon. This is yet another industry to invest in if you think about the ten to fifteen year horizon and not just next week.

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