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Monday, December 01, 2008
The Honda FC Sport - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Supercar
ClikImage: © Honda Motor Co.

Honda FC Sport Concept Car - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Supercar

Last month, Honda unveiled its plans to build a hydrogen fuel cell supercar, and they are calling the concept model the Honda FC Sport, with FC standing for fuel cell. The Honda FC Sport has a 1 + 2 cabin configuration and is a three-seater, with the driver up front in the centre at the controls, and the two passengers either side of him slightly to the rear. Honda , Daimler AG and the Ford Motor Company, have taken leadership positions in the development of fuel cell vehicles and the engineering of safe hydrogen transport and storage.

Honda became the first company to commercially offer a fuel cell car to the public when it commenced a trial leasing program of the 2009 FCX Clarity in Los Angeles. Honda says their decision to utilize a 100% fuel cell power delivery system for the FC Sport will allow them to design a very low centre of gravity, because all the fuel cell powertrain components can be distributed at the floor level of the vehicle, rather than a conventional middle chassis position in a combustion fuel engine car. The Honda FC Sport may end up having cornering characteristics of an F1 car, and incredible acceleration derived from its instant on high torque electric motor.

This year, Honda took hydrogen fuel cell motive power to the limits with the production release of the zero emissions Honda FCX Clarity. With Honda's Formula 1 trained engineers behind the development of the FC Sport chassis, the vehicle will become a showcase for Honda to market their advanced zero emissions technology, and also a development platform for this.

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