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Saturday, October 20, 2007
The Environmental Economy

Earth Restoration - The New Economic Formula

One of the significant aspects of the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore, was that it signified a possible apex in the turning point of humanity towards the restoration of the Earth. If the right elements come together, (United Nations, Technology, Finance, World Politics, and the Human Spirit), the business of making the earth a better place for all of us to live will be a new paradigm of global economic development.

If new United Nations international environmental compliance regulations, goals and objectives can be established, it will ensure all countries share the same standards for making the Earth cleaner under the same business constraints. These new regulations need to become mandatory trading requirements between international companies and thoroughly enforced by all Countries to the 'letter'. The restoration of animal and plant populations to year 1900 levels, the elimination of unnecessary pollutants, and a concentration on environmental sustainability will produce many projects and internal economies within countries, providing at least a future hundred years of work for all to do. The key will be a solid stance on universal application of the new rules to all countries with no exceptions - "If you don't join the club, then you can't use the facilities" must be the motto.

The real economic competition between countries and companies will be on the development of technical R&D talent, manufacturing and sales and marketing strategy for new energy and environment products. Many people need convincing to change from their old ways, and a large amount of technology needs to be developed and manufactured that is earth saving. The lifestyle transition cannot be that severe, as we are only looking at a change to energy conservation and utilisation of new technologies. The only rule that humanity should conform to is that there should be no more environmental devastation only restoration. The same international corporations can 'battle it out', make profits, reward shareholders, but it is a new focus for competition, and economic reward, and the overall winner always needs to be the Earth.

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