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Sunday, May 02, 2010
Tesla Roadster 'TAG Heuer' Model
Image: © 2010

2010 'TAG Heuer' Tesla Roadster Comes With Swiss Precision

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - At the Tesla Motors vehicle display area at the Geneva Motor Show Press Day (March 3, 2010), we took this photograph of the 2010 special edition TAG Heuer Tesla Roadster. To commemorate the the 150th anniversary of the legendary Swiss watchmaker, Tesla Motors and TAG Heuer joined forces to create the special 2010 Tesla Roadster with additional design features aligned with TAG Heuer's precision luxury watches.

Tesla Motors has painted the limited edition 2010 TAG Heuer Roadster in a special Foucault Field Gray colour and the car integrates pendulum art style graphics (see photo) on the exterior. Additionally the door mirrors and front/rear brake calipers are painted in a green accent colour.

In keeping with the Swiss heritage of watchmaking, the center console of this special Tesla Roadster features a TAG Heuer concept watch and each purchaser will also receive a TAG Heuer Meridiist mobile phone, and a 'one fifth second' Heuer limited edition stopwatch. TAG Heuer says the stopwatch has a mechanical movement representative of the the precision design in their timepieces dating back to the company's founding in 1860.

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