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Monday, September 08, 2008
Sustainable Zero Emissions Energy
Image: courtesy of Daimler AG

Tackling Sustainability Step By Step

Tackling Earth's sustainability will require an extra effort by all who are able to contribute constructively to this future. The rapid deployment of zero emissions energy sources and zero emissions transportation infrastructures is a crucial goal in saving the Planet from an environmental downward spiral. True zero emissions energy is derived from solar, wind, wave and geothermal installations, because these sources of energy have virtually zero impact on the environment and produce zero emissions to the air, ground water, rivers, seas and oceans.

The photo shows a true zero emissions infrastructure for transportation that is comprised of a wind turbine producing electricity and a plug-in electric car with lithium ion batteries. Throughout the process of enabling this mobility, zero emissions are produced to the environment.

Historically, zero emissions energy has been seen as requiring a higher capital investment than investing in acquiring traditional fossil fuel sources. In reality, however, its only a matter of the value attributed to short versus long-term investments, and what is considered the financial trend for the day. Zero emissions energy has a much higher return on investment when looked at from a long-term perspective.

As an example, installing solar thermal CSP power plants in the deserts around the world will return significantly greater cash flows beyond approximately 25 years because thereafter the solar investment continues to pay revenue from energy that is virtually limitless, while the fossil fuel is depleted. Endless cash flows far outweigh any limited ones in value. The same argument can be attributed to wind, wave and geothermal energy.

Those companies who currently have large capital investments in zero emissions solar, wind, wave and geothermal energy will probably see their market capitalization increase significantly over the next ten years. Its simply a matter of real capital, endless cash flows, and significant returns on investment that will become the accepted financial norm.

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