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Monday, December 10, 2007
Southwest Windpower: Home Wind Generated Electricity
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Electricity Blowing In The Wind

As the world looks for alternative ways to produce zero emissions energy, home based generation of electricity is becoming a significant market in some regions. There are two zero emissions energy technologies for home based power and these are solar voltaic panel generated electricity and wind generated electricity. Southwest Windpower, located in Flagstaff Arizona in the United States, is a rapidly growing private company and the world's largest manufacturer of home wind power electricity generation equipment.

The company has provided wind generation equipment to over 100,000 customers in their 20 year history. Their latest product is the Skystream 3.7 which was developed jointly between themselves and the U.S. Department Of Energy. It is a very capable wind generator and where allowed by an electric utility interconnect agreement, can be used to provide daily power needs and credit to a householder's electricity bill when there is low electric demand from the household (at night).

The Skystream 3.7 is available internationally through a worldwide dealership network. The specifications are 400 Kwh per month based on an average 12mph (19.4 kph) wind speed. It should be mounted on a 34-70 foot tower (10.4-21.3 metres) and produces power at 240 VAC with a rotor diameter of 12 feet (3.72m). The towers for mounting the Skystream 3.7 can also be purchased from Southwest Windpower as well.

As more households throughout the world install home based zero emissions electricity generation, the need for fossil fuel generated electricity will go down, and these installations become one of the means to reduce global CO2 emissions for everyone.

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Southwest Windpower: Home Wind Generated Electricity
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