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Wednesday, March 11, 2009
smart fortwo cdi diesel
Image: © 2009

smart fortwo cdi diesel - 88 g/km CO2 and 3.3 L/100 km

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - At the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, we photographed the smart fortwo cdi diesel 'passion' from a unique angle. The smart fortwo diesel model is one of the most fuel efficient cars sold on the Planet and one of the least polluting with a CO2 output of 88 g/km, which is one fifth the output of some highly polluting cars. The theme for Geneva was efficiency with luxury, and carrying on the trend from the Paris Auto Show at the end of 2008, the manufacturers were placing their highly engineered efficient cars front and centre. 

The smart fortwo cdi is so efficient that if you filled up its 33 L tank with diesel and drove it on a highway trip, you would be able to travel close to 1031.3 km (644.4 miles) before running out of fuel. The specifications for fuel consumption are 3.4 L/100 km (69.2 U.S. MPG / 83.1 Imp MPG) in city driving, 3.2 L/100 km (73.5 U.S. MPG / 88.3 Imp MPG) on the highway, and a combined fuel economy of 3.3 L/100 km (71.3 U.S. MPG / 85.6 Imp MPG) on the combined cycle.

The fortwo cdi has a 799 cc inline 3-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, that uses a common rail direct-injection fuel delivery technology. Maximum power output is 33 kW (45 bhp) and maximum torque is 110 Nm achieved at 2000-2500 rpm. The smart fortwo cdi has a particulate filter installed, which significantly reduces diesel particulate output into the atmosphere. The beauty of the smart fortwo cdi is that many governments will give you tax credits and special incentives for buying such an eco-friendly car. 

For someone who extensively uses a car in the city or wishes to guarantee very low fuel bills, the smart forwo cdi diesel is an excellent choice. Its only real competition is from the Toyota iQ diesel model. Both cars can park in the tightest of spots and can move around cities with ease. The fortwo is 2.695 metres (10 ft 7 inches) long, and 1.559 metres (approx 5 ft  1 inch) in width, and 1.542 metres (approx 5ft 1 in) in height. The smart fortwo comes with a 2 year warranty (3 years in Switzerland: with smart swissintegral).

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