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Saturday, September 27, 2008
Singapore Grand Prix Practice 2008
Image: courtesy Daimler AG

Lewis Hamilton Fastest At Singapore Grand Prix Practice Session

Formula 1 opened a new chapter in its history yesterday with night racing on the new Singapore Grand Prix F1 circuit. Friday's Practice Session saw the F1 cars racing under floodlights for the first time and the driver's reactions were very positive about it. Additionally, F1 drivers and teams were appreciative of the hard work that was done by the Singaporean government and Formula 1's Bernie Ecclestone to make the event possible.

During Friday's Practice Session, Lewis Hamilton in his Vodafone McLaren Mercedes car was fastest of all the F1 drivers on the circuit with a lap time of 1m45.518. His first session quick lap held as the fastest lap out of all the F1 drivers for both the first and second practice sessions. Lewis Hamilton had the following to say about the set-up of his car at Singapore, "Through certain corners there was lots of bottoming, and when you hit a bump, it would throw the car around quite a bit - but it's an amazing venue."

One of the questions that was key on most people's minds was what it was like to race at night under floodlights. Lewis indicated that the lights were not an issue and that he was appreciative of the grip on the Singapore circuit. He also said he learned the circuit corners very quickly, and where the best lines were to carry speed. 

Hamilton's remarks about the technical driving challenges of the new Singapore circuit were, "You need to put a lot of work into the car to get a good lap - I'd say it requires double the energy of Monaco over a single lap - One lap around here is two laps of Monaco!"

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