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Thursday, June 25, 2009
Sam Waterston - Oceana
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Sam Waterston of "Law & Order" Giving The Oceans A Helping Hand

MONTE-CARLO, MONACO - theirEarth took this photograph of actor Sam Waterston at this month's 2009 Monte-Carlo Television Festival. Waterston is very well known as Jack McCoy on the television series "Law and Order", and is also a strong supporter of Oceana, an organization that is developing and implementing projects to save the oceans and its species. He has taken a very active role with Oceana, by acting as one of its Board members.

Sam Waterston is a graduate of Yale University and an actor with solid credentials. He is just as adept at performing in live theatre as he is at starring in a television series. Waterston's initial training was in the classics, and he has performed in numerous Shakespeare plays - in one case playing Hamlet in Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing". His first motion picture role was in the movie "Fitzwilly" in 1967. He has also starred in many other notable films such as "Capricorn One", "Heaven's Gate", "The Killing Fields", and "The Great Gatsby" to name a few.

Sam Waterston comes from a select group of people - those who are trying to make a positive difference for others and care for our Planet. His efforts to promote Oceana have been exemplary, and he is not one to do anything just for the publicity. He helps many notable organizations and only in areas where he truly believes in the cause. As an actor, he has been nominated for an Emmy six times and won a Golden Globe in 1993 for Best Performance By An Actor in A TV Series Drama for "I'll Fly Away". In 1985, Sam Waterston was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in A Leading Role for his superb performance in "The Killing Fields".


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