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Monday, May 11, 2009
Saha Alli - Indian Actress
Image: © 2009 Wheat Images

Saha Alli Looks Towards Bollywood For Her Next Move

MONTE-CARLO, MONACO - With her great smile and beautiful figure, Indian model and aspiring actress, Saha Alli, was photographed recently at the Marcos Marin Art Collection presentation in Monte-Carlo. With the huge success of this year's eight-time Academy Award winning film "Slumdog Millionaire" from India, the search for future successful Indian film stars has taken on international dimensions with Bollywood linking with Hollywood for acting career development.

Shown on either side of Saha Alli are works in aluminium by Marcos Marin, with the one on the right of the famous Hollywood actress Grace Kelly. Marin is a Brazilian artist whose studio is in Paris, France, and he displays at Eric and Juliane Cormier's ArtVision Gallery in Paris. Marin's works are exceptional in that through his art he cuts vertcal image lines into the approximately half inch aluminium sheet to create a virtual 3-D portrait formed by the light moving through it.

Saha Alli is currently on tour in Europe and is scheduled to start filming in her first movie in India's Bollywood film industry later this year.

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