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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
Ronn Moss - 2009 Monte-Carlo TV Festival
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Ronn Moss Interview At The 2009 49th Monte-Carlo Television Festival

MONTE-CARLO, MONACO - We spoke with the multi-talented actor and musician Ronn Moss yesterday (June 9, 2009) during the theirEarth series of interviews at the 2009 49th Monte-Carlo Television Festival. Ronn Moss plays the role of top fashion designer Ridge Forrester on the internationally successful series "The Bold and The Beautiful". Ronn Moss joined "The Bold and The Beautiful" cast in 1987, and since then he has never looked back upon his decision to take on the role. Ronn said that the "The Bold and The Beautiful" is a show about the fashion business in Los Angeles, and about beautiful people with a focus on their relationships as a family.

Ronn has a great attitude towards life and is highly intelligent, clear and precise when conversing with you during the interview. You get the impression that he really likes life, and that he loves giving to life. Some of this may come from his English/Irish mixed Native American Cherokee roots. Ronn says that he is very proud to be able to trace some of his ancestry back to the Cherokee American Indian Tribe.

The filming of a year's production of the "The Bold and The Beautiful" is done in a 32 week period, so Moss says that the cast and crew are kept very busy producing the 52 episodes of a year's series during this compressed period of time. When he is filming in the studio, Ronn Moss says that his days can be as long as 14 hours, and he has a 3 hour commute to his home. He says he keeps in shape by eating extremely well (choosing his food carefully), and by doing body exercises like isometrics, which use the body's own resistive forces for exercise.

For relaxation, Ronn Moss can also turn to his music. Amazingly, he can play three instruments - the drums, the lead guitar, and the bass guitar. In the late seventies, Moss and three others band members formed the rock band "Player" and they had a US number one hit called "Baby Come Back" in the first three weeks of 1978. For a change of pace, Ronn can call up a few friends and do some session jamming, and then if he wants to get outdoors he is an avid photographer, experimenting with capturing the images of life, and the technical details behind the camera.


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