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Friday, November 02, 2007
Rewarding Good Intentions
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United Nations: Building A New Global Economic Reward System

Today the challenges facing humanity in its guarantee of sustainability on this planet are massive, yet something that can be overcome if each Country puts their efforts toward this goal and works together within the framework of the United Nations.

In brief, our global natural environment is in a serious situation. Natural species are diminishing everywhere and this is our only Nature; there is no other. Only one solution exists and that is to change the entire economic reward system to one that promotes environmental conservation and restoration everywhere. Some may say this is radical and from their own perspective they may be right, but from the perspective of our future generations nobody can argue that the game can continue as it has been. Bette Midler sings in her song "from a distance, the world looks blue and green and the snow capped mountains white", but today this view is changing rapidly.

The United Nations must become the global forum for all of us to debate intellectually our future destiny, and establish our mandates, goals and objectives together. Each of us moves daily through an economic reward system that works, but the system needs adjustment. There can't be an economic reward for pouring contaminants into a lake we all drink from. That is just too obvious, yet currently polluting waterways is heavily rewarded with profit, as is polluting the skies. We must instead make the adjustment to heavily reward the company that invents and implements a new renewable clean energy or the one that restores a lake to its original ecosystem. Its a simple adjustment yet a challenge as it involves changing the rules of the sport, but just as you can't put the hockey puck in the net with your hand to score a goal, nobody can be allowed to mess with the future of our children either.

The United Nations must rise to the challenge as a democratic body of Countries, and be free of any external bias in its membership, to promote all of our well beings, and do so quickly.

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