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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Renault Twingo dCi 85
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Renault's New dCi 85 Engine For The New Twingo - 4.0 L/100 km

Renault announced this week a new engine for their hot selling Twingo, called the dCi 85. The Twingo dCi 85 eco2 uses a new high efficiency diesel engine from Renault that is rated at 62 kW (85 hp) and has a maximum torque of 200 Nm at 1750 rpm. Probably the best selling feature of the new engine in the Twingo is that Renault engineers have achieved a combined fuel efficiency of 4.0 L/100 km (58.8 U.S. MPG / 70.62 Imp MPG) and a Planet saving CO2 emissions of 104 g/km. As Renault have already stated, their ultimate goal is zero emissions, so they have started well on their journey with this car. The Twingo's new dCi 85 engine will be in showrooms (release date) for January 2009.

Some of the hottest selling cars in vehicle showrooms have become the highest efficiency least polluting models. New prospective purchasers are looking to show off the efficiency technology of their cars, regardless of size, and the 'shrewd' car manufacturers are developing the ultimate in efficiency technology to get to the market first to make a sale.

The new dCi 85 engine uses advanced race derived technology from Renault's engineering and has a low inertia turbo that spins-up at low engine revs so as to give boost early on in the power band. Its a 1461 cc engine with a second-generation high pressure 1,600 bar diesel injection rail that gives precise fuel delivery to the combustion cylinders. This same precise control of fuel delivery is what supports the low CO2 output at 104 g/km, but still gives adequate power. Renault has also put all of their high-rev Formula 1 knowledge into the dCi 85's engine balancing so that diesel vibrations are very low. The Twingo dCi 85 can achieve as little as 3.5 L/100 km on a pure highway journey.

Prices for Renault's new Twingo dCi 85 start at 14,850 Euros for the Twing 'Dynamique' model. The dCi 85 engine is also available in the Twingo GT. Twingo's with the new 2009 dCi 85 diesel engine will go on sale in showrooms starting January 2009. Because of the low CO2 output of the dCi 85 Twingo, some purchasers will benefit from additional purchase credits offered within the European Union.

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