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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Renault Nissan Partnership With Portugal
Image: courtesy Nissan Media Europe

Renault-Nissan Partnership With Portugal For Zero Emissions Transport

The Renault and Nissan Alliance furthered their strategy to become leaders in zero emissions transport last week (July 9) when they announced a partnership with the Government Of Portugal. Mr. Jose Socrates, the Prime Minister of Portugal and Mr. Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO of both Renault and Nissan, appeared together for the launch of a zero emissions mobility initiative.

Renault-Nissan indicated that the Portuguese partnership is the first of its kind and it is designed to promote the infrastructure for zero emissions transport in Portugal and further solidify the commitment of Renault Nissan to the development of zero emissions cars.

The announcement of the framework agreement by Renault Nissan with the Government of Portugal identified the following initiatives:

  1. The joint study between Renault-Nissan and the Government of Portugal about how to create the right conditions for the promotion of electric vehicles to Portuguese consumers as an attractive form of transport.
  2. The study of the required infrastructure and organizations to form a nationwide electric vehicle charging network within Portugal.
  3. The identification of the most effective channels for the communication and education awareness about electric vehicles.

Through the agreement released last week, Portugal will become a lead market for the Renault Nissan Alliance to introduce new electric cars starting in 2011. Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates said at the announcement that "Portugal has become a leading country in renewable energy. This agreement with Renault-Nissan will place Portugal also on the front line in terms of sustainable mobility with zero emissions vehicles."

Renault Nissan's Carlos Ghosn said "With the rising cost of oil and continuing concerns about CO2 emissions, we believe the ultimate solution to sustainable mobility will be the mass availability of zero emissions vehicles."

Nissan has recently shown that it is moving very quickly on the engineering of electric cars with their two driveable all-electric concept cars the Nissan Pivo 2 and the Nissan Mixim. The car in the photo is the Pivo 2 (Pivo2), having four separately powered wheels using in-wheel electric drive motors. The Pivo 2 also has a 360 degree rotating passenger cabin, wheels that all turn 90 degrees for parking, and a Nissan's patented Metamo System that adjusts the dynamic profile of the car during braking and acceleration.

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