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Sunday, March 01, 2009
Renault 2009 R29 Formula 1 Car
Image: © 2009 Renault Formula 1

Renault's 2009 R29 Formula 1 Car - Hybrid Powered

Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet was recently photographed testing the new Renault R29 Formula 1 car. He and Fernando Alonso will be Renault's 2009 F1 pilots and for the upcoming season they will experience absolutely incredible advancements in F1 motive technology applications. Most Formula 1 teams have had significant technical challenges to overcome this year relating to the 2009 revised FIA regulations. Renault has responded with their 2009 R29 F1 car that incorporates a hybrid powertrain design, aerodynamics, and significant utilisation of light weight advanced materials.

For 2009,  Renault's new 2009 R29 F1 car has KERS (a Kinetic Energy Recovery System), which captures braking energy and applies it up to the regulated 60 kW limit to power the car. Also, a vastly revised FIA regulated aerodynamic profile that improves pursuing car overtaking, and new slick tires from Bridgestone are part of the new package. The Renault KERS F1 hybrid system has been developed in association with Magnetti-Marelli and has integrated an electric motor into the front of the engine block which captures braking energy, stores it in a lithium-ion battery, and then re-applys the energy using the same electric motor. Additionally, the Renault R29's gearbox is now completely revised to save weight and has a carbon-titanium casing and incorporates increased use of MMC aluminium and magnesium.

The aerodynamics on the R29 features a new wider front wing that is driver adjustable for the angle of incidence that the front profile meets the incoming air flow and the wing itself is much closer to the ground than ever before, which means the flatness of the F1 circuit tracks becomes very critical in the 2009 season. The transmission is a seven-speed system with a Renault "Quickshift" process to allow for fast up and down shifts. The powerplant is a 2400 cc Renault F1 Engine with a 90 degree V orientation, weighs 95 kg (209 lbs) and has a maximum rotational spin of 18,000 rpm.

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