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Saturday, April 18, 2009
Rafael Nadal - Power Serve
Image: © 2009 Wheat Images

Rafael Nadal Wins Against Ivan Ljubicic In Monte-Carlo Quarter Finals

MONTE-CARLO, MONACO - The world's No.1 ranked tennis player, Spain's Rafael Nadal,  played his Quarter Finals match against Ivan Ljubicic of Croatia yetsterday at the 2009 Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters. Ljubicic who had played extremely well in his prior matches, had to face the power and strength of Nadal and yesterday this was too much and he was defeated (6-3, 6-3) by Nadal in the afternoon in Monaco.

We used the opportunity yesterday to take a grand stand photograph of Nadal in full motion as he served the ball to Ljubicic in the first set. Our photo taken from about 100 metres distance shows Nadal's serve with him off the ground with both feet as he reaches up with all his energy to hit the ball forward. Nadal's No.1 standing is well deserved, as the world champion has a low fault serve percentage and generally succeeds with his first serve against his opponent.

Up close, much like watching Britain's Andy Murray, one sees an incredible build-up of energy from both players as they transfer all of their body power to the racket, sending the ball forward - it's just amazing to watch in person. In the case of Andy Murray, his feet are both well above the ground and he swings the racket high above him, with his eyes intently focused upwards as he connects with the ball.

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