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Sunday, March 02, 2008
Prince Charles - Organic Livestock Farming
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Organic Farming - Rare Breeds Survival Trust

In the 1980's, HRH Prince Charles was one of the few public figures supporting Organic Farming (Agriculture and Livestock-Meats) before anyone had really stopped to understand the benefits of this to the quality of the food, the sustainability of the soil, and the maintenance of diversity in natural species of plants and animals.

Today, the benefit of time has proven that Prince Charles was right and that what he was talking about over 20 years ago is now so critical to the sustainability of mankind itself. Developing agriculture and livestock without pesticides and hormones and using naturally derived species for breeding allows for the sustainability of the soil and a balance between the impact that farming has on an ecosystem and the ability for the environment to naturally cope with this and sustain itself over time. From a commercial perspective, Prince Charles has developed the Duchy Originals brand, sold worldwide with over 250 products, that embodies his concepts of organic sustainability and ecosystem diversity in a brand that is growing its sales yearly.

One of the organisations that Prince Charles supports strongly is the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (, whose purpose is to 'secure the existence and viability of the United Kingdom's native farm animal genetic resources'. They maintain a watchlist of endangered native breeds of cattle, goats, horses, pigs, poultry and sheep and undertake measures to support the growth in breed populations and the quality of the breed's natural genetic pool across the United Kingdom.

Today Organic Livestock (Meats) is a growing business in Britain. Consumers are demanding to know the source of their food and local butchers that can demonstrate certification to the RBST requirements are growing in number. Prince Charles also maintains his own rare breeds within the Duchy of Cornwall. He breeds animals such as Shetland and British White cattle and Tamworth and Large Black pigs.

The RBST set up the Traditional Breeds Meat Marketing Scheme in 1994 to accredit independent butchers to stock and market rare and traditional breeds, and in 2003 it became an independent company called the Traditional Breeds Meat Marketing Company, Ltd. Many top quality restaurants and hotels now source their meats from RBST accredited butchers so as to specifically reference the breed in their menus. Organic Livestock farming is a new industry that is emerging to reinvigorate what was once traditional farming and make it a commercial success.

Organic livestock breeding and farming is bound to grow in size throughout the rest of the world as it is required to ensure the sustainability and biodiversity of all species for our planet. Companies that enter the Organic Livestock sector to guarantee breed pedigree and 100% natural sourcing will experience huge growth potential. One only needs to extrapolate this industry to the need to reinvigorate the natural biodiversity of marine species in the oceans and seas to see what a huge industry organic breeding will be in the future.

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