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Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Peugeot E-Vivacity Electric Scooter
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Peugeot Creates A New Electric Scooter Prototype

MONTE-CARLO, MONACO - France's Peugeot has decided to re-enter the electric scooter market after a short absence We took this photo of their 'E-Vivacity' electric scooter prototype at the EVER Show (EVER: Ecologic Vehicles and Renewable Energies Show) held in Monaco at the Grimaldi Forum in late March 2010. The Peugeot E-Vivacity electric scooter is powered by an advanced Lithium-Ion Cobalt battery pack with a charge capacity of 2.9 KWh that gives the scooter a driving range of 80 to 100 km (49.7 to 62.1 miles) off of a full charge and a maximum output power of 4000 watts.

Peugeot has fifteen years experience in the electric scooter market and the new E-Vivacity prototype incorporates their advanced electric vehicle engineering that the company has also been applying to new Peugeot concept cars. Peugeot says that the lithium-ion cobalt battery pack used on the E-Vivacity has an expected lifespan of about 40,000 km (24,856 miles) under normal use operation.

Powering the Peugeot E-Vivacity is a brushless air cooled permanent magnet electric motor that gives the scooter an equivalent rating to a 50 cc gasoline (petrol) model. The E-Vivacity's battery pack can be fully charged in 4 hours off of a household outlet, or to 80% capacity after 2 hours of charging. The E-Vivacity's electric charger unit is built-in under the seat and there is also a stowage area below the seat with a capacity of 35L for shopping items like groceries. Peugeot says the total curb weight of the E-Vivacity is about 115 kg (approx 253 lbs) without the driver.

Under European regulations for 50 cc type scooters, the Peugeot E-Vivacity electric scooter is governed to a top speed of 45 km/h (30 mph), which makes it ideal for urban use as a commuter vehicle or for trips about town. Peugeot engineers have worked hard to give the E-Vivacity an excellent ride with minimal noise, and excellent acceleration off the lights - they say this makes it very fun to drive.

Peugeot says that the E-Vivacity charging costs over a distance of 4,000 km (2,486 miles) are just 16 Euros (approx 20 U.S. dollars), which means that this electric scooter will deliver excellent economy when it hits the market. The other added benefit is that owners who drive this scooter have the assurance of knowing that that this scooter creates zero emissions and hence zero CO2 pollution - Thus far, the release date for the E-Vivacity has yet to be announced, but we will update the article once it is known.

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