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Saturday, March 13, 2010
Peugeot bb1 Electric Concept Car
Image: © 2010

Peugeot's bb1 Electric Concept Car

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - Peugeot delivered the world premiere of a new electric urban commuter concept car called the 'bb1' (see photo) at last week's 2010 Geneva Motor Show (March 2, 2010). The Peugeot 'bb1' seats four people in a seating arrangement whereby the two rear passenger's legs are situated either side of the front passenger seat to save space.

Peugeot says the 'bb1' can reach a top speed of 90 km/h (55.93 mph) and has a full battery charged range of 120 km (74.57 miles). Using a household outlet plug, the bb1 electric car's lithium-ion battery pack can be charged in 6 hours, and with a commercial quick-charger it can be done in 30 minutes. The Peugeot bb1 has an electric motor with an output power rating of 14.7 kW (20 hp) and the vehicle's overall length is 2.50 metres.

For braking performance, the Peugeot bb1 electric car comes equipped with four wheel hydraulic disc brakes and the tires are manufactured by Michelin. Peugeot did not indicate whether the bb1 will reach production car status or when this might be, but the bb1's design and the configuration of passenger space deserves a lot of merit for urban mobility for the future.

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