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Friday, June 27, 2008
PANGAEA Sails For Sustainability
Image: courtesy of Daimler AG

Sustainability and Conservation Of The Planet

Seen sailing in the waters around Hamburg, Germany, the two mast PANGAEA Research Ship is charting its course throughout the world's oceans and seas on a mission to help the Planet. The PANGAEA is the dream and design of Mike Horn, a South African adventurer, who has previously led expeditions to all parts of the globe. This time his mission is PANGAEA, for the promotion of the conservation of the Planet for the future generations. Mercedes-Benz is the official partner of the PANGAEA Expedition and during the next four years, Mike Horn and Mercedes-Benz will promote Planet sustainability and its conservation by inspiring sustainability projects amongst the world's youth at all ports of call the PANGAEA sails to.

The Research Ship PANGAEA is a large sailing vessel with a length of 35 metres, a width of 10 metres, the tallest mast being 35 metres and it weighs 125 tonnes. Using the words of Mike Horn, the PANGAEA is a boat designed "to build and enhance a respect for the world's resources." The message is that everyone on the Planet needs to increase their awareness about the conservation of the world's environment and its natural resources and guarantee a future for the upcoming generations.

The PANGAEA can sleep up to 20 passengers, and it has a unique 360-degree panoramic meeting room with boardroom proportions which Mike Horn refers to as the 'Conference Centre'. The PANGAEA will commence its expedition in October of this year, and reinforcing the world message of sustainability, it will travel close to everyone's vicinity within the next four years.

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