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Monday, December 22, 2008
Pangaea Research Vessel - Antarctica
ClikImage: 2008 Daimler AG

Pangaea Sets Sail To The Antarctic

South African adventurer Mike Horn's Mercedes-Benz sponsored Pangaea four year sustainability project set sail for its first destination Antarctica from the remote port of Ushuaia. Pangaea, under the leadership of Mike Horn, is on a mission to teach the world's youth about sustainability and the safeguarding of the Planet for the future generations.

The captain of the Pangaea sailing vessel is Nick Leggatt, and he says that taking any boat into the waters of the Antarctic is a challenging adventure, because the Antarcic ocean is one of the most stormy places in the world. One of the difficult elements is that ice and snow start to build up on the deck, and the equipment stops functioning. Additionally, Nick speaks about the further challenges in future destinations regarding uncharted parts of the maritime world that exist, like remote Africa, and the need to be cautious for rocks that have never been noted before.

Mike Horn, the Pangaea's Project Director, says the four year project is all about teaching the younger generations techniques for conserving the Planet. The goal of the project is to instil a motivation that drives change from the grassroots and starts to build the elements of assurance for humanity to have the chance to progress to future generations. It is also about having respect for the beauty and diversity of nature. Pangaea's permanent crew is supplemented by rotations of the 'Young Adventurers' who come from around the world, and join the boat to complete a task of sustainability assignments.

There are five 'Adventurers' on the Antarctic leg of the Pangaea Project and one of these is seventeen year old Carlien Wolmarens. She says that she is elated about the opportunity to be part of the adventure, and she will take its inspiring messages back home with her to share amongst her peers. Wolmarens also says that once you have seen the beauty of the Planet up close like this, your life has been transformed forever and there is no going back. 

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