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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Oxygen Electric Scooter (cargoscooter) - Padua Italy
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Oxygen Electric Scooter - Commercial Delivery

One of the new entrants in the two wheel electric vehicle market is the Oxygen Electric Scooter made by Oxygen World, based in Padua, Italy. For Oxygen World, the primary market for the scooter is the commercial delivery marketplace in the world's city centres. The scooter can be fitted with cargo carriers (called the Cargoscooter) for this purpose. In November 2007, Oxygen World signed an agreement with Peugeut to have them assemble the Oxygen Scooter in Mandeure, France.

During 2007, Oxygen tested 350 pre-production scooters at commercial clients in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Domino's Pizza in the Netherlands has 100 Oxygen Electric Scooters in their delivery fleet. The Managing Director of Oxygen World, Raffaello Locatelli forecasts that over the next 3 years, Oxygen Scooter production could reach 25,000 units per year based upon the company's expectations for global electric scooter demand.

The Oxygen Scooter accelerates from 0 to 40 kph (0 to 25 mph) in 6.0 seconds. It has a range of between 60 to 120 km (40 to 75 miles) depending upon the battery configuration ordered, and a top speed of 45 kph (28 mph). One of the advanced technology aspects of the scooter is that the rear wheel has an in-wheel electric drive motor, which helps to reduce overall weight. For braking, the Oxygen Scooter has a front drum brake and a rear disk brake and comes with regenerative braking to charge the battery.

The standard battery is a phosphate lithium ion type, and charging it takes between 2-3 hours using the onboard charger or 1-1.5 hours using an external fast charger. Oxygen sells their scooter in three battery configurations to meet different customer's operating requirements. In the highest configuration (long range), the batteries deliver a driving range of 120km (75 miles) under city driving conditions.

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