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Thursday, March 13, 2008
Ocean and Sea Restoration - Protectorates

United Nations Environment Programme - Oceans and Seas

A key concern for all of countries that make up the United Nations is the increasing number of 'dead zones' that are growing throughout the world's oceans and seas where virtually no marine life can be found in these bodies of water. The reason for the decay is primarily due to the pollution from raw sewage entering into the oceans and seas from heavily populated areas and from over fishing.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), a division of the United Nations, with representation from all UN countries is probably the only international body that has enough clout to put measures in place to reverse this destructive trend to the oceans and seas. The greatest concern is that biodiversity of species in the oceans and seas is what actually keeps the water clean and able to support life. Without biodiversity to maintain the health of oceans, all marine life will start to collapse, and ocean decay will have a massive impact on the lands as well.

Developing the solution to restore the oceans and seas is just as critical as the problems faced by global warming. Countries need to respond to both areas with urgency. There is probably only one solution and that is to create an industry out of restoration, including the trading of global technology to support this. The UNEP and the world's Finance and Environment Ministers need to create new economic structures (including harmonized regulations) that promote restoration through profit incentives that align with environmental restoration.

The UNEP needs a binding commitment of all Country members to sanction the creation of ocean and sea protectorate regions and to create restoration plans for these regions. A large global organic restoration industry will emerge from these regulations and drive the technology and financial wealth creation systems. Only through absolute agreement on international environment regulations that support protectorate restorations will this system work. A cataloguing of all of the biodiversity that needs to be put back in place to original numbers and the re-introduction of these species is a UN 100 year project.

The strict management and treatment of world wastewater and sewage needs to be embedded in all UNEP recovery plans including the global identification of critical areas requiring immediate wastewater management infrastructure installations. All ocean and sea bodies of water need to be carefully restored to their natural organic self, so that mankind can be allowed to develop further in harmony with the environment.

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