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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Nissan Renault Zero Emissions Cars
Image: courtesy of Nissan Media Europe

Nissan-Renault Drives The Zero Emissions Highway

(PARIS) .. Both Renault and Nissan forged a stronger commitment at the end of May towards zero emissions cars in their joint press release (May 29, 2008) when they identified their Alliance's overall strategy towards electric and fuel cell cars. Renault-Nissan will mass produce electric cars for both Israel and Denmark (Project Better Place) by 2011, and Nissan will market an electric car for the United States in 2010.

Renault Nissan have announced a two phase strategy for their vision of the zero emissions car of the future, and the first phase is to launch an electric car offering, with the second phase being the commercial sales of hydrogen fuel cell and fuel cell hybrid cars. Renault and Nissan engineers have together been working on the Scenic ZEV H2, which is based upon the Renault Grand Scenic, but is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell stack with lithium ion battery storage capability. At Nissan, the development engineers have been testing the hydrogen powered X-Trail FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) over the last two years and they will be demonstrating the X-Trail FCV at environmental workshops throughout Europe this summer.

The photo above shows a rear view of Nissan's PIVO 2 (PIVO2) electric concept car, which has some of the most advanced utilisations of electric motors and by-wire control technology in the industry. For example, the entire passenger cabin rotates and each wheel is powered by an in-wheel electric motor. It even has a Robotic Agent that speaks that is mounted on the dash and watches over your driving . Renault-Nissan have taken a bold step towards zero emissions cars and their long term thinking will probably 'pay dividends' in the future.

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