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Sunday, September 14, 2008
Nissan Nuvu Electric Car
Image: courtesy Nissan Europe

Nissan Nuvu Electric Concept Car To Launch At Paris Auto Show

Nissan Motor Co. will launch its Nuvu and Pixo cars at the Paris Auto Show on October 2, 2008. Until the launch, descriptions of the new Nissan cars will have to suffice. The new Nissan Nuvu is an electric rechargeable concept car that is just 3 metres long (9ft 10 in), with 2+1 seating configuration. Nissan expects that this size vehicle will become the global trend by 2015. The picture shows the futuristic dashboard console from Nissan's Pivo 2 electric concept car, introduced last year. Nissan will launch an electric car in the United States and Japan in 2010 with sales reaching production levels by 2012.

The Nuvu electric car is designed as an urban city commuter and has a glass roof with 12 integrated solar panels along with regenerative braking for charging when the vehicle is stationary in the sun or under deceleration. The Nuvu's interior uses sustainable organic and recycled materials for the interior components and interior trim. In the interior cabin, the Nuvu has two standard front seats and a fold down occasional third seat at the rear.

The Nissan Nuvu is designed to be roomy, compact, and efficient with a very low curb weight. Its overall dimensions are a wheelbase of 1980 mm (6ft 6in), and a width of 1700 mm (5ft  7in). an overall height of 1550 mm (5ft 1in), and as previously mentioned, an overall length of 3 metres (9ft 10 in).

The Nissan Pixo will also be introduced at the Paris Auto Show in October. The Pixo is a production 5 door - 4 seater that is driven by a 1.0 litre engine. It has a light-weight construction and Nissan says its specifications include very low fuel consumption. More details about the Nissan Nuvu and Pixo, including photos, will be made available after the Paris Auto Show.

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