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Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Nissan Nuvu Electric
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Nissan's Nuvu Electric Concept Car - Innovative Efficiency

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - At this month's Geneva Motor Show, Nissan showcased their 2+1 seat electric concept car called the 'Nuvu'. Nissan says the Nuvu is part of their answer to the future of cars in city environments. The Nissan Nuvu concept car has been designed to provide a roomy and luxurious passenger cabin for two adults, with the ability to carry a third adult/child in the back fold-down seat.

Nissan has indicated that they expect to start selling another car - an all-new 5-seat electric car in Japan by 2010. They say that this car will go on sale in the United States and Europe by 2012. Nissan has not yet released any photos of this new family electric car, but it could have design aspects similar to the Nuvu with radical styling,and even the 'fly by wire' technology as seen in the Nuvu Concept car. The 'fly by wire' control system provides for all of the car's dynamic control capability (steering, braking, and acceleration and deceleration), all through direct electrical control, which saves significant weight.

Nissan says they have designed the Nuvu with a built in solar panel in the glass roof that charges the car's lithium ion battery pack. The solar collectors are shaped like tree braches that are laminated to a single sheet of see-through glass, giving an open-air feel to the car. Nissan has also sought to integrate organic and sustainable materials in the Nuvu's interior, including trim and internal structural separation and supports. The new Nuvu also aims to be greater than 95% recyclable at end of use.

In countries where tax incentives and vehicle perks exist for high efficiency and zero emissions cars, the new Nuvu, producing zero CO2 and using 0 mpg, is ideally suited to take advantage of these savings and status should it finally make it into full-scale production.

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