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Monday, March 31, 2008
Nissan Mixim - Electric Concept Car
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Nissan Mixim - Electric Concept Car

Nissan exhibited their futuristic Mixim Electric Concept Car at the 2008 EVER Monaco Motor Show for Ecological Vehicles held in Monaco - March 27-30, 2008. This was the Mixim's second debut after its first at the 62nd Frankfurt Motor Show at the end of 2007. The Nissan Mixim Electric Concept Car is a fully functioning driveable Nissan development vehicle that uses two electric motor/generators that Nissan calls 'Super Motors' and is powered by NEC Lamilion lithium-ion batteries. One Nissan 'Super Motor' powers the front wheels and the other powers the rear wheels, giving the Mixim all wheel drive performance.

The Mixim seats three people and the driver sits centrally with the passengers sitting on either side half way back. An additional fourth occasional seat folds out from behind the front seat module. Both side doors open vertically upwards and there is a large storage compartment behind the passenger seats that is accessible from the rear hatch. The interior is futuristic and includes contour moulded seats, an LCD visual interface dashboard and a steering wheel console with interactive controls. The Mixim also comes with front LED driving headlights.

The Nissan Mixim's wheelbase is 2.53m (8.21 feet), the length is 3.7 m (12.14 feet) and the overall height is 1.4 m (4.59 feet). The Mixim is light and weighs just 950 kgs (2090 lbs) inclusive of its batteries. Nissan has not yet announced whether the Mixim is destined to become a production vehicle, but it was definitely a popular attraction at the EVER Monaco show. The Nissan Mixim is part of Nissan's Green Program, which is their public effort to create a more sustainable mobile society.

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