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Tuesday, March 30, 2010
New Nissan Micra
Image: © 2010

New Nissan Micra World Premiere In Geneva

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - We photographed the world premiere of the new 2011 Nissan Micra at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland earlier this month (March 3, 2010). Nissan says that they will sell the new Micra in 160 countries and that the car will be manufactured in four countries - Thailand, India, Mexico, and China.

In Europe, the new Nissan Micra will come with two different engines. Nissan has designed an all-new HR12 three-cylinder 1.2-litre gasoline (petrol) engine with VTC (valve timing control) which produces 59 kW (80 hp) of power with a maximum torque of 108 Nm. The CO2 emissions on this new 3-cylinder engine are 115 g/km. The second engine offered on the new Micra is designated as HR16 and is a more powerful 1.2-litre supercharged direct injection type motor with 'stop-start' and producing 72 kW (98 hp) and 142 Nm maximum torque and a very low emissions output of 95 g/km.

Available transmissions on the 2011 Micra are either a 5-speed manual or an automatic type CVT - continuously variable transmission. Nissan says they have also designed a new CVT tramsmission that is 10 percent lighter than previously and uses a smaller pulley and a new advanced design sub-planetary gear.

Nissan's Associate Product Chief Designer, Makoto Yamane, says that the new Micra has been engineered to minimize the number of vehicle parts used. For instance, the front dashboard console is constructed with 28 component parts versus the tradition 50 that would have been previously used. Yamane says, "We were able to integrate sections of the interior while reducing the number of necessary parts. Nissan also says the new Micra has a big car ride feel, and that they have reduced interior cabin noise by incorporating an NVH, (Noise Vibration and Harshness) sound reduction process.

For Reversing into tight spots, the new Nissan Micra can be equipped with optional reversing sensors and the driver can set the alert level to three modes - amateur, normal, and expert. European specification Micra's will come standard with ABS anti-lock brakes and dual front, curtain, and side air bags. Additionally, an ESP, Electronic Stability Program, is installed on the new Micra that automatically reduces power and activates braking so as to level-out the car when stability or traction is lost. Nissan has indicated says that the new Micra has a 98% component parts recyclability ratio.

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