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Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Nanosolar Ships First Solar Panels & Wins Agreement For A German Power Plant
Image: courtesy of Nanosolar (

Nanosolar's First Production Shipment

Image: courtesy of Nanosolar (

Nanosolar and Beck Energy Awarded Contract

Nanosolar of San Jose, California in the United States, announced yesterday that it had shipped its first Megawatt of solar panels to Germany for installation in a power plant there. Nanosolar is the world's first manufacturer of a printed thin film solar cell which costs only 1/10th the price of a traditional solar panel for the same energy output.

Nanosolar has kept the first panel (Panel #1) for exhibit at the company's premises and Panel #3 was donated to the Tech Museum in San Jose. What is interesting is that Panel #3 is currently being auctioned on eBay, and as of this article's release time, had already reached $10,300 US dollars with 83 bids.

The other significant Nanosolar news yesterday was that they had been awarded a contract in conjunction with Beck Energy, a large scale solar power systems integrator, to build a solar power plant in Eastern Germany. The plant will use the Nanosolar Utility Panel, which were specifically designed for utility power generation.

Martin Roscheisen, CEO of Nanosolar said that "this is the first time that a solar electricity cell and panel have been designed entirely and specifically for utility-scale power generation. It will set the standard for green power generation at utility scale."

Nanosolar is currently a private company with a private group of elite investors who have supported the company in its good and bad times throughout the development period. No IPO date has at this time been announced and the company is currently following an organic growth path using its own investment capital.

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