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Thursday, November 29, 2007
Nanosolar, Inc. - Solar Technology in San Jose, California
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Nanosolar, Inc. - A Solar Investment in Zero Emissions

They could soon be calling San Jose, California in the United States 'Solar Valley' instead of 'Silicon Valley' if companies like Nanosolar establish the trend there. San Jose is headquarters for Cisco, Intel and AMD, to name a few, and they now have Nanosolar as a new neighbour who has invented a low cost solar energy producing capability.

The key technological breakthrough for Nanosolar is the development of their nanoparticle ink, CIGS Semiconductor technology, the CIGS nanoparticle ink printing process, and the development of a highly conductive metal foil substrate, 20 times more conductive than stainless steel used in traditional solar panels.

Nanosolar's technology is the production of PowerSheet solar cells at very low cost per energy produced in comparison to traditional solar panels. They have been able to bring the traditional cheapest $3/watt solar panel down to as low as 30 cents per watt in a Nanosolar PowerSheet by creating a printing press solar cell production technology that uses no silicon. The company secured $100 million in funding in June 2006, and is in the process of finishing construction of their 647 000 square foot manufacturing facility in Palo Alto, California. In Germany, Nanosolar is completing the world's largest solar panel assembly factory measuring 507, 000 square feet in size. The Palo Alto production facility will start manufacturing in early 2008, and the first 100,000 cells will be shipped to Europe for a consortium that is building a 1.4 megawatt power plant. In September 2007, they were awarded a $20 million contract from the U.S. Department Of Energy (DOE) as part of the Solar America Initiative.

Nanosolar's CEO, Martin Roscheisen has stated that once production starts in the new Palo Alto, California facility, Nanosolar will be capable of producing PowerSheet solar cells at a capacity of 430 megawatts per year. The company has not announced an IPO date as of yet, but they are one to look out for if this is announced in the future. Nanosolar is committed to making solar energy cheaper than any fossil fuel.
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