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Tuesday, June 03, 2008
Monaco's Monacology 2008
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HSH Prince Albert II Launches Monaco's Monacology 2008

Yesterday, in Monaco, HSH Prince Albert II launched Monacology 2008, the week long event that aims to inspire a collective response to the protection and restoration of the Planet's environment. Monacology ( occurs in the same week as World Environment Day (WED) celebrated each year throughout the world on June 5th, and sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). This year the international celebrations for World Environment Day will be held in Wellington, New Zealand.

Monacology has been growing each year in Monaco and this year the focus is both local and also looking outwards towards the rest of the world to encourage everyone, regardless of where they stand, to make their own singular effort to protect the world's environment. HSH Prince Albert II creates the drive and inspiration for many others, based upon his own personal commitment to do the maximum for the Planet, and his position to engage others to unite behind the cause.

Since 2005, Monaco's Monacology has been an annual event, and it is co-organised by Act For Nature and the well known Monaco sports bar and club StarsNBars. It is held in the Port of Monaco and its mission is promoting the protection of the Earth's biodiversity, the responsible care and restoration of nature, sustainable energy technology, and zero emissions transport. There are presentation booths arranged outside by both Nature Organisations, Transport Infrastructure Companies, Sustainable Energy Organisations, and Foundations. The focus is to encourage everyone to give their support to the world's environments and give their individual energy to collectively make the concept grow.

This year, a week long Monacology International Film Festival is running in conjunction with the event and it is a competition of short length films covering all theme areas associated with the environment, sustainability, and new zero emissions technology. The Festival includes youth categories with prizes to inspire young talented directors and film producers.

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