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Friday, March 07, 2008
Mitsubishi i-EV Electric Car
Image: courtesy of Mitsubishi (

Mitsubish i-EV Electric Car - Geneva Motor Show

At the 78th International Geneva Motor Show this week, Mitsubishi presented their prototype i-EV Electric Car.

The Mitsubishi i-EV (iEV) has a top speed of 130 km/h (approx. 81 mph) and the iEV's range is 160 km (102 miles) on a full charge. It seats 4 passengers, including a storage compartment behind the rear passenger seats. The length of the i-EV is 3.4 metres (11.2 feet).

Mitsubishi plans to sell the i-EV in Japan for the 2009 model year and in Europe/North America for 2010/2011. They are working hard to accelerate these plans due to the expected high demand for electric cars. Mitsubishi has worked with two Japanese power utility companies during 2007 to conduct field trials to refine the performance of the i-EV's battery and charging systems. The car uses multiple slim-line lithium ion batteries mounted under the passenger compartment to power the high performance compact electric motor.

Charging the batteries is by one of two methods. The first is by using the built-in 100/200 volt Household Charger System and connecting the car to a household outlet, which charges the batteries within 7 hours. Charging the i-EV overnight is more economical as some utilities have lower tariff charges during this period. The other charging method is to use the external Mitsubishi Quick Charger System, which charges the i-EV to 80% peak power in less than 30 minutes.

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