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Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Mike Horn - Constructive Planet Saving
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Mike Horn Shows The Meaning Of Leadership To COP 15

MONTE-CARLO, MONACO - With all of the negative news coming out of Copenhagen this week at COP 15 in Denmark that a meaningful all-nation resolution may not be achieved, it is good to see that amongst some of the individuals who actually care for the Planet and its future generations, there is a South African, Mike Horn (see photo), who is working his utmost to make a difference for all of us. theirEarth photographed Mike Horn when he spoke to a small group of journalists in a recent sit-down session in Monaco and all of us together took a test drive of Mercedes-Benz's and smart's new zero emissions cars.

With words like 'developed' and 'developing' coming out of Denmark this week, it seems like from the reports and communiques that some individuals/nations are letting short-term interests overwhelm actions that will create a real future for their families and the world community. COP 15 doesn't have to turn negative when it wraps up this week, but one need only look at the acceleration in the deterioration of the Planet to realize that our time is running out to reverse the environmental chaos we have created, and that COP 15 may be the final test of the ability of human beings to create their further future here on Earth. 

Mike Horn is a world renowned adventurer and is leading a Mercedes-Benz sponsored project called Pangaea, which is a four year sustainability sailing vessel based initiative that is sailing the world to promote the preservation and restoration of the Planet amongst the world's youth. For the few world leaders who are sitting on the fence this week in Copenhagen, what is scientifically clear is that when the Antarctic sheets let loose and melt there will be dramatic damage caused to every nation at a severe level that has never been seen before by human beings, or economically measured. This is why COP 15 is so important for everyone to come together quickly and adopt a meaningful universal resolution that establishes life-saving targets that instigate the ingenuity of mankind to start the necessary repairs.

What Mike Horn is doing with his Pangaea Expedition is establishing a significant framework of motivated world youth from every nation who will continue to admire, care, preserve and restore the beauty of the Planet by establishing their own restoration projects throughout all parts of the world. Through Horn's leadership, the Pangaea Expedition spans all continents and involves world youth from around the world on up to four separate expeditions per year.

To hear of Mike Horn's recent expedition of pulling two and a half tons of plastic out of the sea near Borneo, which he says has become the world's plastic garbage dump gives you a great impression of his genuine care for others and his constructive commitment to make a difference. Mike says there are actualy kilometers (miles) of discarded plastic that are building up in this part of the ocean and Pangaea and his youth team recently pulled 2 and a half tons of plastic out as a start.

Horn says there is no need to argue about whether there is environmental damage just go out and repair it in a meaningful way using the available technology that mankind has at it's disposal. World youth can sign up to join the Pangaea expedition by submitting an application to {}. There is an initial review of every application and finalists from around the world are invited to the Mike Horn Expedition Centre in Switzerland for the final selection process which involves both physical, motivational, and work habits testing. The lucky winners join the Mercedes-Benz sponsored Pangaea Expedition and are assigned to a project which they will hopefully stay connected to for the rest of their life.

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