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Thursday, September 18, 2008
Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueHybrid
Image: courtesy of Daimler AG

Mercedes-Benz To Launch S 400 Hybrid in Summer 2009

Mercedes-Benz will launch their first passenger hybrid car in the summer of 2009 called the S 400 with BlueHybrid technology. The Mercedes Benz S400 Hybrid has very good fuel economy in its car class size at just 7.9 litres/100 km / 29.8 MPG - U.S. Gallon (European NEDC Combined) fuel consumption and puts out 190 grams carbon/km. Mercedes-Benz's new hybrid car also has a specially designed 7G-Tronic automatic transmission that integrates with its electric hybrid power module.

The S 400 Hybrid is powered by a Mercedes-Benz 3.5 litre V6 gasoline (petrol) engine that produces 279 hp (205 kW). The engine is integrated with a 20 hp (15 kW) electric hybrid drive motor, delivering a combined 299 hp (220 kW) of power. It is also the first time that Mercedes-Benz has integrated its own lithium-ion battery in a hybrid vehicle, and they have developed this high-voltage battery for all of their future hybrid applications. Further Mercedes-Benz engineering developments may also see them add plug-in charging capability to the onboard lithium-ion battery pack(s). The battery has an integrated cell monitoring system and in addition to powering the electric drive motor, it works to meet the vehicles total electrical demands using an integrated 12V transformer.

Mercedes-Benz has engineered the electric drive motor to provide 'boost' torque to the gasoline engine during acceleration. In fact the electric motor delivers an impressive 160 Nm of additional torque during surge acceleration. The S 400 Hybrid's disc shaped electric motor also acts as the starter motor and as a generator during deceleration, and it is integrated as a module with the transmission housing. Additionally, when the vehicle is at traffic lights or stopped, the gasoline motor shuts down to save fuel and then starts up, in combination with the electric motor to provide fuel saving acceleration away from a standstill.

The Mercedes-Benz S400 BlueHybrid will become available for purchase in June 2009 (Europe), August 2009 (China), and September 2009 (United States).

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