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Thursday, March 12, 2009
MDI Air Pod Car
Image: © 2009

Air Pod Car Runs On 100% Clean Breathable Air

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - Its a revolutionary car called the 'Air Pod' and is designed and manufactured by Carros, France based MDI Enterprises S.A. MDI stands for Motor Development International, and the 3-seater Air Pod runs entirely on the highly commercial commodity called readily available breathable air (CO2, Nitrogen and Oxygen) and the company's founder and air engine patent inventor, Guy Negre, was in Geneva, Switzerland to showcase the Air Pod car. For many years, Guy Negre worked very hard pounding the doors looking for investors, and driving his prototypes on French national television shows, but now his concept has people wanting to speak with him, so the tables have turned somewhat.

Technically, the air engine is in its early stages and will only get better. The air car concept has been refined enough that today the new Air Pod car is a commercial reality. Early MDI air car prototypes were very noisy, but this element has been improved with time with the application of silencing technology in sound engineering. For countries like India and China, the new MDI cars will probably prove to be very popular in rural areas, because all you need is a source of electricity to run an external air compressor that charges the cars 175 litre air tank. MDI is currently looking for further investors to help expand their business concept globally.

From a performance perspective, the MDI Air Pod has a 6kW air powered engine that produces zero emissions 100% of the time (0g CO2/km). MDI claims the maximum speed of the Air Pod is between 60-70 km/h (37.5 - 43.8 mph). MDI indicates that they will be able to sell the Air Pod for about EUR 6,000, and that the range on a full air tank is between 180 to 200 km (112.5 to 125 miles).

The Air Pod car is recharged in less than two minutes off a high pressure air reservoir and MDI has calculated that the car energy costs are 1 Euro per 200 km or approximately 1 U.S. dollar per 100 miles at the current exchange rate.

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