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Saturday, June 13, 2009
Mathew Fox - Monte-Carlo
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Mathew Fox From The Series 'Lost' At The Monte-Carlo TV Festival

MONTE-CARLO, MONACO - American actor Mathew Fox was photographed on on the red carpet of the 2009 49th Monte-Carlo Television Festival on Thursday evening (June 11, 2009). Mathew Fox plays the character Jack Shephard on the hit ABC television series "Lost". It was Mathew's second visit to Monte-Carlo for the Television Festival.  Mathew said that he was very grateful that "Lost" has become such an international success as it has given him the opportunity to work on some excellent movie projects with high calibre directors like his recent films "Vantage Point", "Speed Racer" and "We Are Marshall".

In 1988, after graduating from Columbia University with an Economics degree, Mathew Fox went to New York with the goal of becoming an investment banker. After his initial series of interviews on Wall Street in New York, he quickly decided that a stockbroker career was not for him and he headed off to Hollywood, California with hopes of establishing an acting career. While at Columbia University, Mathew did some fashion modeling and was also on Columbia's football team. With his star status, his good looks make him a bit of a sex symbol amongst the world's women, but Mathew says he takes this in his stride and realizes that it is his image that women really seek. 

In addition to appearing at the 49th 2009 Monte-Carlo Television Festival, Mathew Fox took time out to chat with journalists, appear on some television broadcasts and sign autographs for his multitude of fans.


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