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Friday, December 21, 2007
Major Polluter Sanctions Gaining Some Support In Europe

Europe Says 'No' To Pollution

Europe Says 'No' To Pollution

As could be expected from the progress at the Bali Climate Change talks over the last two weeks in Indonesia, there is considerable concern in Europe about the progress being made by many large industrialised nations in enacting meaningful reductions in their greenhouse gas emissions. Ulrich Kelber, Germany's Social Democrat deputy parliamentary leader, indicated this week that his party wanted to promote more decisive action from the major polluting nations, by the creation of sanction duties on energy intensive products like steel and aluminium from the major polluters like the United States, China and India.

Environment supporting parties will probably introduce motions next month in the European Parliament that would target major polluting countries with economic sanctions on their high-polluting products in an attempt to get them to move faster at realigning their internal economic infrastructures towards protection of the Planet. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel along with Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown are taking leadership positions on enacting climate protection measures in Europe and it is certain that some form of environmental protection sanctions will be put in place in the near future if major polluters don’t get their act together soon.

Kelber’s Social Democrat Party is very concerned that the U.S., China and India will face internal economic pressure to do nothing regarding reducing CO2 emissions over the next two years, and will instead probably increase their emissions. There is also concern throughout Europe that the major polluters will put stalling measures in place to pre-empt adopting critical CO2 reduction targets in the UN replacement document to the Kyoto Protocol, which is expected to be finalised by 2009.

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