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Sunday, July 20, 2008
Lyon France Bicycle Rental
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Lyon France's Bicycle Rental Infrastructure

Visitors to Lyon, France will quickly notice the unique bicycle infrastructure that has been implemented in this city. The distance from Paris to Lyon is 465 km (290 miles) and the beautiful and historic city of Lyon is in the middle of France. Throughout Lyon are 340 'velo v'© Rental Stations, with a total of 4000 bicycles available for rent. Each bicycle can be picked up from one Station and dropped off at the other, and once you are a velo v member, if your trip between stations is less than 30 minutes, the trip is free.

The service is offered by the Grand Lyon company and it is managed by the advertising agency JCDecaux SA, with advertising revenue financing the bulk of the costs. The bicycles are available for use in both Lyon and Villeurbanne, and can be rented from a velo v station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are three different 'velo v'© memberships available - short term, long term and membership connected to your travel card. The minimum requirement for rental is that the cyclist has a French credit card with a pin number, and they are at least 14 years of age.

The short term membership lasts for seven days and has a 1 euro registration fee. The rental charges between velo v Stations is first 30 minutes- free, 30 to 90 minutes - 1 euro, each hour thereafter 2 euros, and payment is made by bank card on the return of the bicycle to the Station. The bicycles are released off a locking post by the velo v Station and then scanned back in and relocked when the user returns to the Station.

The long term 'velo v'© membership is available by completing a registration form online and it is valid for one year. This reduces the charges by 50% for bicycle rental and the the velo v web site is:

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