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Thursday, September 27, 2007
Living In Harmony With The Environment
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The Last 100 Years?

Today we live in an uncertain future when we try to project where humanity will be just one hundred years from now. The environment we all live in is rapidly being consumed and wasted so that short term gains can be made just for individuals.

Anyone who would look at us from space and view our behaviour, would surely wonder what was wrong with us and how ignorant we must be. They would ask us: Why have you built weapons to blast yourselves out of existence? Why have you fished your oceans in such a greedy way as to render the fish you eat extinct, and none left for you to eat? Why have you polluted your rivers so much that you can't drink from them? Why are you threatening each other from one nation to the other when you are all the same creatures? And lastly, but most importantly, why are you trying to destroy the earth, your home?

One answer could be greed? We care too much for the 'minute' and not the 'lifetime'? We just don't care? Its not my problem?We humans think we know everything now because we have just that much more knowledge than those who came before us. We think we can modify the genetic make up of animals that took millions of years to evolve and get away with it. We think that we can modify plants to have animal genetic material and all will be fine. Do we really know? What's the risk factor: none or 10% or 50%? Who will tell you the truth?

One thing that we do know is that we lived for many more years in the past in harmony with the environment than we have done in the last 100 years. All of the animals, plants, insects and other micro organisms deserve a future just as much as we do. We must be intelligent and look to sustain ourselves, the other animals, the plants the soil, the rivers, the lakes, the oceans and the sky as one. We are all part of that one. To be fair to all we must look at infinite sustainability for ourselves not just the next 50 years.

So much work is needed by all of us to adjust to this concept. We must remove waste from the equation as much as possible. We must remove unnecessary consumption of non-sustainable energy. We must restore our communities so we can walk to them and not drive absolutely long distances to get a sense of worth. Do you have a town hall near you? Do you know your neighbours well? Do you care for your neighbourhood as you do your house?

We have been given the Sun which puts out on average 1000 watts per square metre at the earth's surface, and yet we hardly use this clean energy because it is too 'expensive'. I think the outside observers would probably conclude that we are not stupid but that we are just too greedy at present.

Let us be much more intelligent than we have been.

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