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Thursday, November 08, 2007
Living In Equilibrium
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Equilibrium Means Environmental Harmony

At the core of the global environmental decay that we see today, is the diminished respect given to maintaining harmony with Nature. Realistically, all people are responsible for this problem and all must change for us to have a chance. For humanity to be in harmony with Nature, there must be an equilibrium between our actions and the corresponding reaction returned from the natural environment. Most people want their children, and their children's children to live out their lifetime on Earth but very few are working to guarantee this outcome for them through their individual efforts.

Looking at some countries and others, there are different degrees of overuse of the natural environment and the extremes are when energy is used in an absolutely inefficient way. The first step towards the restoration of the Earth is to reduce over-consumption of ecological resources. Today, the profits that we generate in some corporations are based purely on consumption and not conservation. Equipment, cars, electronics, energy, even homes are now designed to be consumed and we continue to find more ingenious ways to build consumption. In an ideal world this would be an excellent way to generate profit, but one only need look at 1900 to see that we ran economies then based much less on cyclical consumption.

Most corporations today could move to a conservation approach that grew their profits if they chose some of the new renewable energy industries to invest in. There are far too few companies invested in renewable energy, like solar and wind power. Its a huge expanding business is solar energy. A number of massive corporations also have their whole capital investment process in the old technologies and will blindly follow their old ways even though the new markets are clearly visible, and the old ones fading. Harmony is about allowing Nature to live and this can never occur when over-consumption is the trend or when corporations blindly follow destructive profit generation activities.

Harmony with Nature is about understanding the total impact any human action has on the environment. If the action is neutral, Nature reacts to restore equilibrium. If it is positive then Nature is given a boost towards equilibrium, like when you restore an ecosystem that once existed in a desert. If the action is negative then it is one that causes a trend of destruction and depletion to an ecosystem. Currently most of our actions are negative. Humanity needs to come to terms with the concept of harmony and finance needs to support the process through its economic structures. Governments need to focus on harmony as policy.

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