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Monday, November 24, 2008
Laurent Wolf - No Stress - Album
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Laurent Wolf And Anggun At The 2008 World Music Awards

Top international DJ, Laurent Wolf, won the World's Best DJ award at the 2008 World Music Awards this month. He was photographed on the red carpet at the Awards along with Indonesian singer Anggun. For Laurent Wolf's big hit "No Stress", Anggun put on a spectacular performance singing the vocals to the song during the 2008 World Music Awards broadcast from Monte-Carlo, Monaco. "No Stress" is the title track to Laurent Wolf's album of the same name "No Stress", which was released in April 2008. "No Stress" has also become a top-selling album internationally, and includes the summer's big dance hit "Wash My World".

Laurent Wolf 'raises the bar' on DJ performance levels by mixing the visuals of the show with the uniqueness of the sound, like a large musical production. Wolf's song "Wash My World", or WMW, carries a special lyrical message towards the protection of the planet, and Wolf charts new territory with the art of mixing the song's meaning with the sound of synthesized dance music and a great beat. Nobody can say it better than Laurent when he supports that all of us need to start to "Clean up the sea for the boys and girls,....Wash My World." 

In Laurent's hit song,"No Stress", the dance beat that he creates is just as spectacular,. When "No Stress" is heard on some of the world's best sound equipped dance floors, its a mix of sound, words and rhythm that gets everyone out on the floor to 'rock' and drives the 'beat' throughout.

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