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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Laurent Wolf - 2008 World's Best DJ
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Laurent Wolf - 2008 World's Best DJ - "Wash My World" And "No Stress"

In a close fight, the internationally renowned DJ, Laurent Wolf, won the award for World's Best DJ at the 2008 20th World Music Awards held in Monte-Carlo, Monaco last Sunday evening (November 9, 2008) . In an action packed musical choreography, Laurent gave a live performance of his top dance song "No Stress" along with the singer Anggun(see photo). From our perspective, it was an amazing song to hear live as the vocals and mixed house beat were fantastic in tandem, and everyone wants to dance to this.

Laurent Wolf is a French DJ, who originally hails from Toulouse, France and had an earlier hit this summer throughout the world's top dance venues and on the radio with "Wash My World". The song "Wash My World" carries a theme similar to this web site when Laurent Wolf proposes in the lyrics that we "clean up the planet for the boys and girls - wash my world - Ohh Please, for the birds in the trees!". It moves from a request at the beginning of the song to a strong vocal and music balanced house beat emphasis to do this. - Its just fantastic to hear.

Wolf won the World's Best DJ award against tough competition this year from the DJ's DJ Testo, Martin Solveig,and Frankie Knuckles.

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